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We all know that the bathroom serves a very specific purpose, but who said that it can't be beautiful and calm? Julia's bathroom is just that ... relaxing, peaceful, and calm. Who wouldn't want to grab a glass of wine and a good book, and just relax there?

Bathrooms are so interesting, because it's the one in the room in the house that many people take style chances! We love all bathrooms, and are obsessed with decorating them, especially if you have a half bath on a main floor. It truly can be a conversation piece ... toilet and all!!

We love sharing the things that we love ... and we love bathrooms!



when you know you know

Okay, the key to keeping your sanity is to try and block the bathroom interruptions! I know, I know, TMI right?! Not at all, this is the space where I go to hide from my family. That's right girls, you need that space, so lock the door, turn on the fan, and relax. See ... that's why your bathroom needs to be pretty!



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