Coffee anyone? At Home Solutions for the Coffee Lover!

Okay, COVID-19 ... it has hit everyone hard. Especially the coffee lovers of the world. It got us, too! We came up with some at home options to get by until our local coffee shops could open. To be honest, they are open now, and we are still acting as our own baristas!

Here is what you need:

INVEST in the Nespresso machine. If you like any coffee drinks, it's worth it! Any blender will work, but if you are shopping for a new one, try the Vitamix ... Target has the best price on them right now!


  • Follow the instructions. One pod based on size of cup/mug. See Kitchen Essentials for all of our cup/mug options.

FOR COLD DRINKS (like a Frappuccino):

  • Add half of bottle of your favorite mix (caramel, coffee, mocha, etc.)

  • Pour a brewed mug or alto size coffee (you may have to play with the measurements based on how much you like your drink).

  • Add 1 1/2 tsp of sugar.

  • Mix in Vitamix or blender.

  • Pour your frothy drink in a fun cup.

  • Add whipped cream if you wish!

Enjoy!! Email us with questions at!


Jeannine & Julia

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