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Courtly Check Obsessed

Welcome to the magical world of MacKenzie-Childs. If you haven't already guessed, we really are courtly check obsessed.

How It Started

Julia's collection was started many years ago by her Aunt Betty Jo who is the queen of all things MC! Once Aunt Betty Jo knows you are a Mackenzie-Childs fan, you are set. Housewarming gifts, thank you gifts, hostess gifts, Aunt Betty Jo does not disappoint because she'll always picks out the latest and greatest from the Mackenzie-Childs catalog.

The three tiered sweet stand is my favorite gift from my aunt!

Jeannine has always loved collecting things. As a kid she collected porcelain dolls, but has evolved {and because the dolls are freaking scary now} and Mackenzie-Childs has become one of her go to collectors items. She was first introduced to Mackenzie-Childs from our friends @thespoiledhome. It all started with the pumpkins! #thespoiledhomemademedoit

These fall pumpkins started it all!

Why We Love It

One of the best things about Mackenzie-Childs is that it is a great product to gift to others. Almost all of our Mackenzie-Childs collection has been gifted to us. Talk about pretty, and functional.

Our pieces have dressed up many tables, presented delicious desserts, and acted as a statement piece in the kitchen. You can use Mackenzie-Childs to decorate an entire room {or house if you want} or just put one or two pieces on display at a time. All of their patterns complement each other so you can mix and match easily, as well as combine it with other brands and items you already own. The possibilities are endless! It's sophisticated, beautiful, and trendy!

If Courtly Check is your thing we feel ya! But they also have so many other beautiful patterns and collections:

Royal Check *NEW*

Flower Market


Parchment Check


Thistle & Bee


Not to mention, MacKenzie-Childs has amazing decor for every season {spring and fall are our favorites}!

The Mackenzie-Childs Story

Mackenzie-Childs has been around for more than 30 years when you purchase a piece you are truly getting a piece of art. The idea behind their design is tradition with a twist. Each piece is hand painted and has its own unique qualities.

The MacKenzie-Childs show room is located in 21st century farmhouse in rural New York surrounded by gorgeous gardens, sheep, geese and highland cattle. Behind-the-scenes tours are offered daily for interested visitors {maybe we should add this to our list for a girls trip}.

Our Favorites

Here's a few of our favorite MacKenzie-Childs pieces that we use and love. If you are looking for more MC check out our MacKenzie-Childs page in our SHOP section! Enjoy!

Click here to check out all our MacKenzie-Childs Favorites!

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