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Flying the Friendly (and clean) Skies!

Updated: Mar 24, 2020

The time has come ... I am sharing ALL MY CRAZY travel essentials!

So, I am a germaphobe, which actually may be the understatement of the year! I am the person who watches the flight before mine deplane and worries about which one of the people getting off was sitting in the seat I'm about to occupy! I think about things like:

Do you think they washed their hair today? Yesterday? For the last three days?

Was that lady picking her nose?

How many days do you think that he wore those pants?

Initially, I threw away the clothes I was wearing whenever I got to my destination but I quickly realized I couldn't just dispose of clothes every time I flew so I started to search for options.

It began with seat covers, then down the rabbit hole of google I went. I learned about the tray tables, the call / light buttons and the seat belts! Don't even get me started on the seat belts!

Here are all the things I use as soon as I get to my seat (click on the images to be linked directly to the retailer's website):

I use these disposable seat covers and buy in bulk. I hear the giggles when I'm prepping my seat but I'm more than ok with it!!!

Keeps those germs at bay!

Remember the Clorox wipes from the plane, hang on to those. You are going to need them at the hotel! Wipe it all ... door handles, sink surfaces, commode, hangers, table surfaces, the REMOTE CONTROL!

Single use hand sanitizer packs! Perfect for travel.

Okay, okay ... I get that you my not take it as far as I do but this is everything you will need to keep things clean and germs away!

Can't leave home without it!

On the lighter side, I am also sharing some of my "must haves" when traveling. I am NEVER without my headphones, even if I am not listening to anything! Stephen has learned this lesson the hard way! Click on the images to be linked directly to the retailer's website.

I try to keep it upbeat on the plane. Code for, I don't want to be crying my eyes out over a sappy movie with a stranger a few feet ... err, inches ... away. My favorite downloads (currently) to watch on airplanes:

  • Million Dollar Listing (NYC, LA)

  • Real Housewives of (Any City)

  • Chrisley Knows Best

  • Schitt$ Creek

Safe Travels and Enjoy!



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