Girard's Holiday Party Recap

Updated: Jun 15, 2020

Every year, I choose a different theme for Christmas. This year our theme is "I'm dreaming of a {black} and white Christmas!". It's all black and white. Seems odd to not have the traditional red and green, right? Not at all, it's so fun to change things up and keep it fresh. The best part is that you really don't have to change a whole lot. It's amazing what ribbon can do!

It's simple. Once you choose the theme, planning can begin. Details ... details ... details. That's what it is all about. The key is tying all of the little things together. Admittedly, I go a little overboard, but the best part is that you don't have to! Things like balloons, DIY coordinating signs, and again ribbon go a long way. I bet if you really think about it, you have most of the things in your house to throw your next party.

Adding small touches like ribbon (in my case, black and white stripe) to my existing lanterns pulled them in to the theme in our sunroom.

The tree bow! We have never had a tree topper, so as long as we have been married, we have used bows to top our Christmas trees. This is how I started to pick different themes each year. It all started with the ribbon!

Invitations set the tone for the event. I am fortunate to have a friend that owns a stationery business, and she delivers every. single. time. We even design stamps to coordinate!

Today, I am sharing my guide for planning all things parties, whether it's a smaller dinner party, or a large gathering of friends and family, these tips will help you to plan a smooth and heartfelt event.

Jeannine's Party Planning Checklist

A popular addition to any party is a signature cocktail. Some offer two, but I stuck with one this year, and made the sign for the bar using Avery.

Link to Avery:

The balloons were a hit! From the swag as you entered the house, to the personalized balloons, they made a great impact. Helpful hint: This is an inexpensive way to pull in the theme!

A great way to make sure that you say goodnight to all of your guests is to walk them to the door, where you have the party favors ready to hand out.

In the season of giving, it's always important to create awareness of a charity that you are interested and/or invested in. For us, we support many charities that our friends and family hold close, and one on the top of our list is:

Trucks for Maddox (TFM)

We have been very fortunate to receive beautiful gifts from our guests in years past, so this year we decided to ask for a donation for TFM instead, which will help out at a future golf event. It's amazing how people deliver! We collected over 20 bottles of wine or liquor to use for our next TFM event!

Before your guests arrive, scope out a spot for photo ops. This is especially nice for couples and families to enjoy long after the party is over!

What a blast! It was a night to eat, drink, and be merry! Oh, and don't forget ... dance your pretty little heart out. Note to self: add DJ and dance floor next year!

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Many thanks to those that have helped bring this all together.

That's a wrap! Until next year ... but first, I have some thank you notes to send!

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