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It's Beginning to look a lot like Christmas ....

Who started a little early this year?

I did! In a year that things haven't gone as planned, and our first year with a baby in the house, I decided to kick in to Christmas gear a little early. I know, I know, Thanksgiving first! I don't disagree, but when you the iron is hot, you strike!

This year, I did things a bit different. I fell in in love with a designers holiday decorations and sent her a message asking if she could decorate my house for Christmas! Much to my surprise she responded with an emphatic YES and told me it was her dream to do something like this.

Now let me rewind a bit. I LOVE Christmas. I LOVE visioning for Christmas. I LOATHE execution of transforming my house into a winter wonderland.

That's were Anna Joy Interiors came in. We chatted briefly on the scope of the project, I sent some pics of the spaces, and she created a whole vision of how she was going to transform the space.

Let's kick off the week with my office. just a few touches here and there, but my favorite part is the garland on the mirror!

Most of our decorations can be shopped on our page, or click on the links below for some fun adds to your holiday decor!

The JOY framed print in in this view is a gift bag, cut and mounted in a floating frame! Total for this was less than $20!

They key is to invest in things that mean something, and bargain hunt for the others. This decor is only up for a short time each year, so be sure to look around, and hey, check out what we've used, most items are extremely reasonably priced AND cute!


Jeannine and Julia




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