Sweet Ellie's Room

We've been working on upgrading Ellie's room for a while now. Finding the right pieces to match her personality ... and what a personality it is! She knows what she wants, and is happy to share it with me! This room has been a collaboration, and it has been so much fun to design it with Ellie!

She is at such a fun age, she is still a little girl on the brink of growing into a child! We had some design challenges because we didn't want to shoot for a too grown up look, so we chose pieces that will grow with her, but still show that fun little girl side!

Art print above light switch is sold out, bought from Etsy.

We are sharing ALL THE THINGS that we used to create this beautiful space for one of our loveliest little ladies!

Click on the pictures to take you directly to retailer!

Bed + Rug + Dresser

Other Furniture

Bedding + Lighting

Wall Decor

Shelf Decor

We'll keep sourcing the room, and update you when we are all ready, but this is a good bit to get you started!


Julia and Ellie

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