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It's Cookie Time!

Updated: Jun 14, 2020

Grab your aprons, it's time to start baking!

Check out the recipes we collected from our cookie exchange and learn how to plan your own party for the holidays!

Last week, our friend, Randi, hosted a Cookie Exchange party. She invited some of the ladies from the neighborhood, and asked us each to make enough cookies to share. At the party, we sampled the treats, and then packaged them up so that each of us left with an assortment of cookies, and some new recipes!

Check out Randi's AMAZING spread!

As if the cookies weren't enough!

Planning to host your own cookie exchange party?

Here are some helpful tips to host a party that your friends will be talking about!

  1. Send out invitations - Randi used Evite to spread the word. She asked us to post what types of cookies we were planning to bring when we replied. We didn't have any duplicates!

  2. Determine how many each person needs to bake - This will depend on how many recipes you get. Randi had 18 participants, so to keep us from baking for days, she asked us to each make six dozen of our cookies, and we split into four cookies per person. All of us made a bit extra, which allowed us to indulge throughout the evening.

  3. Create display cards - This is a fun way to create a catchy name for your cookies, or share one that's been passed on for generations. It also helps to showcase the baker, so if you want the recipe, you know who to go to! {It also minimizes saying you don't like a cookie to the person who brought them! Ha!} Grab tent display cards at Amazon (Office Depot has them, too!). You can either handwrite them, or have them set up ahead of time by choosing a design from Avery. If you choose to print from the computer, check out the Avery Design & Print under the Templates drop down. They have a ton of pre-made designs to choose from.

  4. Set up a packaging station - Ask guests to bring wrapping materials (make sure to have some on hand like tags, ribbon, to go boxes or bags, in case someone forgets).

  5. Prep for the party - You'll need a large workstation for all of the cookies. Next, decide if you are going to serve anything besides cookies. Randi had amazing cheese plate displays, and enough wine to serve the whole neighborhood! She opted for a silver and good theme, which was the perfect touch of elegance and holiday spirit.

  6. Fill up your bag and ENJOY! - Have your guests fill up their bag with an assortment of cookies, enjoy your evening together and swap recipes!

Want our favorite cookie recipes to add to your recipe box?

We are sharing our favorite cookie recipes, and a few of our friends' too, just in time for your cookie exchange. You can check them all out by clicking here.

You can also go to our website at To find the recipes, simply click the FOOD tab at the top of the page, select RECIPES from the drop-down menu, and they can be found under COOKIE EXCHANGE.

Want one of your favorite cookie recipes featured on our site?

We want to hear from you! Send us your favorite cookie recipes by emailing us at and we'll add as many as we can just in time for the holidays!

Happy Baking!

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