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Jeannine's Master Bedroom Refresh

Updated: Jun 14, 2020

Hello Spring!

Spring has sprung! According to the calendar, at least. Over the past three years, we've tackled A LOT of projects in this house (garage, sun room addition, patio/terrace, family room makeover, and kitchen refresh), so when I said I wanted to freshen up the bedroom, I promised Stephen that I would keep it simple! For those that know me, this was no easy task.

I love my furniture, which helped my cause (shhhh! don't tell Stephen as I used that as part of my negotiation)!

For years, I have used Restoration Hardware bedding, but I wanted to try something new. The issue I ran into is that I do not want a duvet cover. We don't use it to sleep, so it ends up folded at the bottom of the bed.

Solution: Stick with what you like. I decided to try a white coverlet that I already had and rarely used. Instead, I picked up some fresh, light pillows for spring. Adding a throw creates warmth, and provides an opportunity to add color, patterns, or texture.

I love all things personalized, but I also like to change things often, so I prefer not to invest a lot of money. These prints are just a few of many options from a local Pittsburgh boutique, House 15143. Perfect to fill up some space and add a personal touch. These make great gifts, too!

Fortunately, we have decent sized closets, and have built-in dressers in each of our closets, so we didn't need a big piece of furniture, and it created a space for seating! This is the perfect size for swimsuits and extra sheets and towels.

I never know what to do with nightstands. I want them to be beautiful, but they also need to be practical. We both wear glasses, and I like them to be accessible. We both have cell phones that need to be charged. It's real life, people! Disclosure ... I did remove for photos!

Tip: You don't have to center your lamp. By offsetting the lamp, it creates more space for our books, photos, and other things that you want close by.

Start with a lamp and some books. I use books that I am actually reading, not just for decor. Add a plant (faux is totally fine), or fresh flowers (The Farmer's Daughter Flowers), and pick one or two things that make you happy! We took advantage of our open bottom nightstands to add some greenery and favorite photos.

My only new purchase in this room was the pillows on the bed (Home Goods and Jolie Marche). You’d be amazed at what you can do with what you already have.

For me, I want peace when I go to bed, or even if I just want to sit for a few minutes. Bringing white in to brighten your space up is an easy win. I love a simple, clean look and feel. Adding a small bouquet of flowers to the bedside adds calming beauty, and photos of loved ones remind you of the good life.




SHOP the look!

Restoration Hardware (click on photos for direct link to retailer)

Look for Less: Target (click on photos for direct link to retailer)

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