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Updated: Jun 15, 2020

2019 Planner Guide

Despite the limitless digital options, we both still stick with an old fashioned hand written planner. There is something about being about to write things out and hold it in your hands that we can't shake.

Everyone has different preferences when it comes to planners which tend to make the selection super personal. For example, Jeannine prefers the Sugar Paper Concealed Planner and Julia uses the Ink + Volt Limited Edition Planner.

Here's all the details about what each of us use and why.

Jeannine's Planner

This planner is designed for the sophisticate to elevate your everyday tasks and to-dos. I love this planner because as you all know I'm a sucker for monogramming! The design truly reflects the refined style of all things Sugar Paper is known for. I prefer the summary view of the entire month to identify important dates like birthdays and anniversaries at a quick glance, as I always send cards for those important milestones. This particular planner also helps me hold myself accountable by setting specific goals throughout the month. The weekly view also gives me the perfect amount of space per day to jot down the tasks that need to be completed each week. I also love to have the spiral binding so the pages lay completely flat but it is perfectly concealed by beautiful Sugar Paper fabric giving you the best of both worlds.

What I love about this planner:

  1. It has a monthly view followed by a weekly view to jot down more details. This allows me to have a summary view without cluttering it up.

  2. The fabric binding is beautiful and comes in two different styles

  3. Sleek design to fit in a small handbag and certainly my back pack.

  4. The matching pouch!!!

  5. The GOLD monogram.

What I'm not sure of:

  1. The pages are thinner than I would like, I won't be able to use a fine point marker. I am particular about markings through the paper.

  2. The size of the pages are slightly smaller than I would prefer.

Julia's Planner

When I first came across the Ink + Volt Planner I was looking for something to help me make the most of my year and accomplish my personal goals. I really liked this planner designed by Kate Matsudaira, a technology executive and startup founder who has been on the quest to create the perfect planning tool with sophistication and style in mind. This planning system was flexible, while giving me just the right amount of structure to make me more productive than ever before. I credit a lot of my accomplishments in 2018 to the planning structure set up on my Ink+Volt Planner including my exercise routine. Ink + Volt provides a full preview of every page of the 2019 Ink + Volt Planner on their website {or click here} so you can check it out before you buy it. There is also a 2019 Ink+Volt Planner digital version which is editable or you can print it out and have it bound.

What I love about this planner:

  1. Vibrant color options with a linen-like cover which makes it feel like a vintage book.

  2. Goal oriented! The planner starts out with your 2019 theme and goals and then each month you are prompted to write out "This month, I will" in addition to a monthly 30 day challenge.

  3. It serves as both a journal and a planner. There are inspirational quotes and questions to help you structure your thoughts and get them on paper.

  4. There is a section to "reflect and celebrate" each week.

  5. Smooth thick pages which are perfect for sharpie fine point markers which are my favorite.

  6. The planner ends with a look back at the year and a listing of your accomplishments over the last 12 months.

What I'm not sure of:

  1. It is a little heavier than I would like because it is essentially a 280 page hard cover book in your purse all the time.

  2. Although the cover lays flat the pages are not perfectly flat as if they were spiral bound which some people prefer.

Let us know which planner you decide on to help you stay organized and make 2019 an amazing year!!

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