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Setting Your Easter Table

Updated: Jun 14, 2020

Can you believe Easter is right around the corner?

Whether you're having a large Easter brunch or a small dinner to celebrate the coming of spring we've got the perfect spring table for you with all the details.

Not sure where to start? Look at what you already have, and go from there. There is no need to start completely from scratch. I used my china, placemats, glassware, and candlestick holders and then added pops of color to make it look Easter ready.

I wanted to use the pink water glasses that belonged to my grandma but I didn't have enough of them so I intermingled some pink martini glasses that I borrowed from my mom. I used a pink runner as a base.

I'm not a big fan of bunnies so I thought an Easter egg and nest theme would be cute. I purchased the nests, eggs, egg cups, moss, napkins and ceramic birds on Amazon.

The larger nests and a few of the egg cups I already had and I picked up the grey cabbage dessert plates at my local Home Goods.

And of course the finishing touch is always fresh flowers! I opted to stick with white and pink using hydrangeas, ranunculus and tulips that I picked up at good old Trader Joe's!

The finished product!

Need a little help to pull together your Easter table? I've linked all my Amazon finds and some comparable items that you can get in the next two days to make your table spring ready!

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