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Ashlee's Pantry Refresh

Updated: Jun 14, 2020

If there is one thing that a mom of three needs, it's an organized pantry ... and wine ... but let's talk about the pantry first! We helped our friend, Ashlee, turn her {already} organized pantry into a pretty one!


With two girls (ages 6 and 4), and 6 month old sweetie, this mom has a lot going on. The best part is that her daughters are extremely helpful, so they are excited to have bins with labels, and were sure to show us all of the things that needed to be on a lower shelf for them to reach.

Functionality at it's best

Even though the pantry has a door that can be closed, Ashlee's family typically leaves it open. This allows it to become an extension of her kitchen, so we carried the white from her cabinets, and the gold from her hardware into the pantry.

Talk about statement pieces! The flour and sugar containers are enormous, and perfect for all of you cooks out there!

Ashlee picked the perfect font for her labels so that her little ladies could easily read, and help themselves.

A Place for Everything and Everyone - The Grand Finale

And a big thank you to our little helpers!!! We couldn't have done it with out you girls!!!

Ready to refresh your pantry? Make sure you check out our Pantry Essentials section on our website to find everything you need! Happy organizing!

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