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RECIPE || Easy Chicken Tortilla Soup

Updated: Jun 14, 2020

FALL IS HERE! At least in Pittsburgh, it is! Time to get the soup crocks out!

Need a quick and easy lunch or dinner? We've got you! It's ready in 30 minutes, easy, hearty, a little spicy, and a crowd pleaser! Who am I kidding? I have no clue if it's easy, I've never made it, but Stephen has! He said it's easy. HAHA! Don't be afraid when you see the list of ingredients, it seems like so much more than it is!

This brought to you by our friend, Ashlee, with a few tweaks to the original found on the biggest cookbook of ALL time, the internet! Thank you to all of you fabulous people that share things that you love, it makes dinner time so easy!

Check out the recipe!


J & J (and Stephen!)

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