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Updated: Oct 9, 2020

Okay, so we all know that I am only four months into "baby land", but I have figured out what we DO and DON'T need! Rounding up some of our favorites, all of which are designed to make our lives a bit more efficient and easier! I should also note that I collaborated with Stephen on this, so I have his faves in here, too!

Some of these items are big ticket. I get it. I was nervous to spend so much, too, BUT seriously, let people go in on the big things for you. These are so much more valuable than another outfit!

  1. Uppa Baby Stroller System: I know, it's super expensive. Do you know what? It is TOTALLY worth it. I have one stroller that the different pieces clip in and out. So, I have a stroller with a bassinet for walks through the neighborhood during nap time (which, let's be honest, is most of their first three months of existence). I have the next step up for when he is getting a little too big for the bassinet and and he wants to see a bit more of what is going on. The Rumble Seat. This seat is amazing because it can clip forward or backward. The leg folds up if they want to nap, or down if they want to sit. AND, the car seat clips in, too! So, I have one base and three different strollers!

  2. Baby Bjorn Bouncer Seat: I wasn't sure about this, but a friend has one, and when I say it is EASY, I mean it is easy. It folds flat, which is amazing to take it anywhere. It's sleek, and they can entertain themselves bouncing. I don't love a lot of clutter, so I like that this chair can tuck away, or even fold away when we aren't using it!

  3. Ubbi Diaper Pail: UGH! I swore I would never use this. I was going to carry all of the diapers to the garbage can, and since we take garbage out daily to our big trash can, what's the big deal?! Right? WRONG! The amount of diapers and wipes I can shove into this thing is a challenge for me. Mostly because I want Stephen to be the one to change it. Hahaha! This is a must have, flits nicely by our dresser/changing table!

  4. Leo & Ella Car Mirror: I love this big car mirror to watch Ben in the back. Let me tell you ... it is big, several have commented, but I have a big SUV, so having a clear picture is key!

  5. The Snoo: Full transparency, we do not use this. Ben has gone in his crib since the first night we brought him home. However, my fellow mamas have told me this is a LIFE CHANGER. In my world there are "nice to haves", "game changers", and "life changers". From what I understand, this is the BEST of the BEST! You can rent or buy, and I vowed to only do so if we absolutely needed it. KNOCK ON WOOD!

  6. Baby Brezza: Okay, I am going to say it ... hands down, the absolute BEST thing that has ever happened to us. This is the "Keurig" of Baby Bottle making. You guys, not even kidding, we have TWO! We received two as gifts, and instead of taking one back and using for what some might think is more useful, we put one upstairs and one downstairs, and I ain't mad about it! :-) This makes feeding time sooooo much easier. I can't even deal with how great this product is.

  7. Hatch Wipeable Changing Pad: So, I started out with a changing pad that I wanted to put cute covers on. You know, the personalized ones that I HAD to have that he sh*t all over. It didn't take me long to snag this one. BONUS: it's also a scale! I love seeing how much our little dude is growing, and this is a 2 -for- 1 deal!

  8. Skincare: We are huge fans of Aquaphor and California Baby. The Aquaphor for baby bottom is so soothing, and the California Baby calendula lotion is like butter! He loves this nightly routine after his bath!

  9. Doona Travel Stroller: I know, I know, we can't go anywhere right now, so why should we get a travel stroller? Well, this one will be with you from infant to toddler. It legit goes from car seat to stroller with the click of a button. No need to take baby out, it folds right with them. We did use this during Ben's first several weeks as we had travelled for him, and were out of town for 10 days. I didn't want to take multiple strollers and car seats, so my family gifted us with this amazing piece of machinery! Ha! No joke, when I added it to my registry, I thought for sure that we would be traveling so much, but we have barely left our house since arriving home with him. :-( One note, this does drive me a little crazy ... the stroller handle is a little low for me. I like the handles up higher, so as an everyday stroller and car seat, this would be a bit difficult, but for travel or city living, this is great!

  10. Sleepers: I've tried them all, and I have to say that I like several brands like Hannah Anderson and Carters, but my endorsement goes to Kyte and Posh Peanut. Oh, and if you don't know about the double zippers, here is a tip ... both Kyte and PP zip from bottom up so that at night you aren't opening the entire onesie to change a diaper. You're welcome!

Don't worry, more MUST HAVES are on the way, but we wanted to help you get started!


Jeannine and Julia




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