The SH*T They Don't Tell You!

First, and foremost as a new mom, I have learned one very important thing:


I am aware that he is in backwards. I mean, whatever works!

Yes, you heard me. All of the other mamas that registered for the neutral play mat, and swing. You know the one that's black/white, grey or neutral tone. That same one that actually coordinates with your house. Yeah, that one ... NOPE, baby doesn't care. Not at all. All of the cute, wooden, (and pleasing to the eye) toys and baby gear, just FORGETTA BOUT IT!

What took it's place? Ohhhhh, wouldn't you like to know?


So, I am going to save you some time (and money!), just buy or register for these things now. Click on the photo to take you directly to the link. Kids love them, you'll be ready to throw it out the window, but always remember, it's just a phase. They will soon grow out of it, and move on to a more sophisticated (maybe!) toy!

Good luck, and honestly embrace it. They will play with it. They will learn to play on their own. It will tire them out. You all win here. Well played Fisher Price, Skip, hop, etc. You win!


jeannine and ben

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