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Fa la la la la ... wait, the holidays are already here!

That's right ... September went pretty fast, October went from 1-31 in seconds, and now here we are almost Thanksgiving and time keeps on flying!

Need ideas for gifts? We have ALOT of those! Stay tuned for our Gift Guides!

Looking for holiday decorating themes? Hmmmm, we can definitely help you!

Throwing a holiday party and need some inspiration? Got you covered!

Let's start on the holiday party!


The first step to take is selecting a party theme. It’s a good idea to start your planning in advance so you have time to sort out all the details without feeling rushed or flustered. Don’t worry too much about selecting the perfect theme either.

You already have an overlaying theme to work with: a holiday party. Now all you have to do is decide if you want to focus on more of a winter wonderland theme, a religious theme, an ugly sweater party, or something else. You have several options to choose from so think about what best suits your company’s beliefs and values.


Now you can start formulating the guest list. Is it a company party, friends, family, or maybe a mixture of all. As much as you'd like to include everyone, sometimes it is hard. This also can depend on your budget, and maybe even more importantly, what YOU want out of your party. For example, I used to throw big holiday parties inviting a lot of the neighbors, whether we were close or not! The years went on, and I realized that I wasn't overly enjoying the parties because they got so big, the invitation was rarely extended back to me to spend time with them, and I wanted to focus on my nearest and dearest. I realize that I have hurt some friends along the way, but it wasn't intentional, and more so, I decided that I needed to do what was right for me. A little, "It's my party and I'll cry if I want to" vibes. Ha! Seriously though, it's your night, your best bet is to make it how you want it!


The right entertainment is essential for any type of event. Imagine a room filled with people celebrating the holidays with no form of entertainment at all. A situation like this could make the night drag on. Be careful though, if you are choosing a more intimate dinner situation, you want to be able to talk with your guests at a reasonable level!

Music is always a great starting point and can sometimes be all you need. Consider the type of playlist you want to create based on the theme of your party. You should also choose whether you want to have a form of live entertainment or simply have some music playing through the speakers.


You can’t forget the food. You’ll want to spend some time deciding what to have on the menu for the night. The food you choose doesn’t have to be elaborate, but it should be tasty. If the food is less than desirable, then you may have some hungry party guests who end up leaving early. Thankfully, many venues allow you to taste their food options before making a selection. You should also consider if you want to go with plated meals or a station option.

When considering the menu, be sure to consider the bar as well. Will you have an open bar? Will there be limits on how many drinks each guest can have?

Keep these questions in mind when planning for your food and beverages.


Choosing the right date, time, and location of the event can spare you unnecessary stress and anxiety. Start researching venues in advance and decide when the best date for the party would be. Remember, you’ll want to visit each venue to get a tour and try out their food samples, so you’ll need time to do this.


So, I'm not so good at this! It’s never a bad idea to give yourself a budget before you start the planning phase. When writing out your budget, be sure to include everything that’s needed for your party.

Remember, when you choose an all-inclusive venue, you’ll have one set price for the entire event, which can help you stick to your budget. Try to come up with a budget in the early planning stages so you know what’s doable and what’s not.


If you’re not using an all-inclusive venue, then you’ll need to purchase a few decorations for the event. You might also want to consider party favors as well. Be sure to choose holiday decorations that match well with your theme.

Party favors should also stick within the theme, but don’t have to be too elaborate eiher. A small, simple holiday treat will be enough to show all guests your appreciation.

Good luck and PARTY ON! Reach out if you need us!



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