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Oh, Pretty Woman!

I had the 'Pretty Woman' experience, minus the whole prostitution thing and Richard Gere, of course!!

After getting an overwhelming number of compliments from our holiday card this year, I thought I owed a compliment to the brand that help me pull together a fun outfit. I bought a tiered tulle skirt from Anthropologie in the fall. I had no idea when I would wear it, and I should note that I haven't worn tulle since I was a ballerina at age eight. I decided that I would wear for our family photos. The day of our photo session, I was freaking out about what to wear because I kept second guessing my choice. I decided that if I looked awful when they came back, I would just book another session. STRESSFUL! But I went for it and boy did it pay off!

I decided to reach out to Anthropologie to say a quick "thanks" and encourage their leadership to continue to support the buyers' selections and size inclusivity. I was shocked when I received a response the next day thanking me for taking the time to share my experience and to let me know that my local store would be reaching out. The next day, I received a response that included a generous gift card AND an invitation for a styling session with my local Anthropologie store team!

To say that that the styling session was successful is an understatement! A try-on or styling session is a great way to see how clothes look and fit on your body before making a purchase. Whether you're shopping online or in-store, a styling session can help ensure you get the right size and style for you. It was FUN and EASY! That is not something that you hear me say when shopping for myself! Prior to the in-person session, I had a virtual call to talk about my style, my dos and don'ts, etc. They sent me some options to look at online so that they could gauge if it was my vibe and then they invited me into the store to try everything on.

One of the best things about a styling session is that it allows you to try on multiple items at once. This can save you time and energy when shopping, as you can quickly compare different styles and see which ones look and feel the best on you. They had everything ready to go for me at the dressing room, including one size up and down for all the things that I was trying on. One key takeaway is that I was wearing the wrong size in many of the things that I had already bought from them. I was wearing a size too big! Now, I don't know about you, but who doesn't want to go down a size in something?!?!

When trying on clothes, it's important to pay attention to the fit and comfort of the item. Make sure to move around and sit down in the clothes to see how they feel when you're in different positions. If you're shopping online, you can still benefit from a try-on session by using virtual try-on tools that allow you to see how clothes would look on you in a virtual setting. Many online retailers now offer this service, and it can be a great way to get a sense of how clothes will look and fit before making a purchase.

I can't thank the Anthropologie Mt. Lebanon team enough for an amazing night filled with laughs, honesty, and trust. I feel like not only did they help me create a fabulous wardrobe, but I found a few friends along the way! Thank you to Tricia Smith (Global CEO, Anthropologie) and Victoria (Customer Success Coordinator) for coordinating, and a big thank you Lindsay, Kristi, and Natalie at Anthro Mt. Lebo ... you made this mama feel great about herself!

So, what did I buy? Everything is linked below, and more is on the way! I will keep you updated and promise to share pics!

Stay tuned and let me know if you want to know more or have any questions!!



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