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Last Day of School Shenanigans

It's the last day of school already? HELLO SUMMER!

Summer is here, and the kids are excited for summer break! Lilah is "graduating" kindergarten, and on to first grade she will go! We know, most schools are out already, but here in Pittsburgh we have these pesky little things called "snow days". So, with two days left, we are prepping for some last day shenanigans when the kids exit the bus for the last time!

Here are some fun things to do to welcome the kiddos home after a long year of hard work!

1. Last Day of School Finish Line

I mean, who doesn't love to run through a sign at the finish line? They did it! Celebrate them! Hang it on your front door, and enjoy their excitement as they run through it!

2. Decorate Your Lawn or Bus Stop!

While you're at it, you can also decorate the lawn! Even better, make it easier on yourself, and decorate the bus stop! Ask each family to decorate a letter S U M M E R. You can hold them up when the bus is arriving, or staple them to a lawn stake, and line them up! Or, make it really easy, and use!

3. Show the Pick Up Lane How Things Are REALLY Done!

Pick Up Line envy? That's right, have the coolest car in the carpool lane! Use window paint and fly balloons through the sunroof!

4. Surprise Attack!

Want to really surprise them? Have water balloons and silly string ready as they exit the bus! Adults vs Kids -- who will win? That's simple, you ALL win because it's super fun!

P.S. This Mom & Dad win summer! Love this idea!

5. Summer Fun List!

Don't forget to make your Summer Bucket List! How fun will it be to mark off the activities as you do them, plus the kids get to help you plan it!

And, most importantly ... have a BLAST this summer. Eat popsicles (before dinner!), help them with a lemonade stand, invest in sidewalk chalk and bubbles, and enjoy the sweet memories you will make. Happy Summer!


Jeannine and Julia


Photo Credits:

Finish Line Sign: Family Fun Magazine

Decorate Your Lawn:

Pick Up Line:

Surprise Attack:

Summer Bucket List:


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