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Setting Your Thanksgiving Table

Thanksgiving is officially on its way so it's time to start thinking about the center of it all...the dining room table!

This year Jeannine is hosting Thanksgiving and she wanted to get started early. We played around with several options and here's what we came up with. The theme for this holiday season is black and white with metallics mixed in.

It all started with the Pumpkins!

Our friends @thespoiledhome can be blamed for this year's theme as they sparked the idea of the Mackenzie Childs pumpkins! #thespoiledhomemademedoit

We are both big fan's of Mackenzie Childs but they brought it to the next level with the #PUMPKINS. Jeannine knew she wanted them to serve as her centerpieces and we built around them.

We took what we already had and mixed and matched to come up with this elegant and sophisticated look! #courtlycheckobsessed

Here's links to all the details:

The Pumpkins


Table Linens



All the other fun stuff

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