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Stephen’s School for the Quarantined

Okay folks, we know that you have been preparing all weekend for Day 1 of ? on having the kids home from school. The coronavirus pandemic literally came out of nowhere. Well technically it is believed to have begun in China, and has people all over the world in a bit of fear and panic. I always say “better safe than sorry”, so we are doing our part, too. We are locked down with a bunch of groceries, a DVR full of Bravo, soap operas, oh and some history stuff for Stephen, and we are ready to ride this wave of “social distancing”.

We wanted to help out a little and share a lesson a day to keep the timeouts away! Stephen is graciously sharing his wisdom ... errrr ... or whatever Jeannine tells him to do. 😉


Today, it's time to get creative. Combining creativity with art and handwriting, you will create a sign for your school. It’s simple!

Either send to us through Facebook or Instagram, or shoot us an email at Enjoy your day!!


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