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One thing that you will learn about me very quickly is that I am a sucker for cards. And wrapping paper. And ribbon. And gift boxes. I get this high when people receive a gift from me, and they love it so much before even opening it!

That's where Sugar Paper comes in.

Their cards and wrapping are simple, yet elegant, cute, yet appropriate, and one of my very favorite things about this brand is that you can coordinate to bring it all together. For instance, some of the cards have coordinating wrapping paper, with beautiful grosgrain ribbon. It’s those details that I absolutely love.

About two years ago, my dreams came true. I went to Sugar Paper in Santa Monica, California. It was the only location at the time, and I remember on this trip, it was the ONLY thing that I wanted to do. A dream that I have had since I can remember has been to open a little store with a cash register, sell beautiful gifts and wrap them so that the recipient felt the love that went into it all. I walked in through the dutch door (DUTCH DOOR!), and it was like déjà vu. I had been here before. I’ve described this exact place to so many people, so many times. It was my store. The one that I have dreamed about. Except that it wasn’t. It was Sugar Paper LA, and it was beautiful.


I spent an hour filling the counter with cards, wrapping paper, two or three Jill Rosenwald vases, notebooks, calendars. You name it, I bought it. I was so pleased to see that the store was just as simple and elegant as their merchandise.

The best was yet to come. Recently, Sugar Paper has opened another location in Southern California, collaborated with Target, and began with monthly subscriptions for essential gift boxes and greeting cards. No surprise that I belong to both, and I love every month when my favorite UPS driver shows up with my newest Sugar Paper goods!  

Here are my absolute favorite Sugar Paper products so you can snag them as well!

Gigi's Favorite Five

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