Girls Trip - Part 2

After sharing our awesome experience at the Cat & Nat show, we felt like it was only fitting to continue the weekend with Part 2 of our Girls Trip.

The next two days were filled with fun, friends and lots of FOOD with some crazy stories and laughable moments in between!

The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

It all started on a beautiful, sunny day in Philadelphia. Nine ladies up and at ‘em early Saturday morning (after a night of party bus shenanigans from Atlantic City, including a late night taste test of Geno’s vs Pat’s). It all ended with one of us face first on the streets of Philadelphia. Follow along on a weekend of good food, great friends, and what felt like an episode of "Punked"!

The Good: Food, Food, and More Food

Friday kicked off a fantastic lunch at Double Knot. Start off the weekend with cocktails, you ask? Don't mind if we do!

Off to Atlantic City for the evening, and we were not sad about it. Veracruz offered authentic Mexican dishes that I swear continued to be replenished all night.

Tip: Ask for seating near the window. The view of the ocean is beautiful!

We found just the right cafe for breakfast and much needed caffeine after our [almost] shady spa experience. Thank you Bluestone Lane for taking us in. It was the perfect spot to regroup and plan our day!

Next up ... lunch at Pietro's Pizzeria where the family tradition of great pizza has been passed down through generations, and still holding strong.

Before dinner we stopped for a cocktail at Giuseppe & Sons. The drinks were great and the atmosphere was super fun. We highly recommend stopping in!

Dinner at Ocean Prime was perfect -- the service was on point all night. We were celebrating our friend, Liz's 40th birthday, and OP hooked us up with a great server (hey Kathleen!) and a private room (The Fairmont Room), which allowed us to be loud and crazy all night!


A good way to switch up the conversation is by asking everyone to write

down one question, put in a pile and ask the questions throughout the evening, allowing everyone to share their answers. Some responses are hilarious and you get to know people a bit better!


Sunday Brunch at The Dandelion is a MUST in Philadelphia. It is perfectly quaint, food is delicious and it’s the hot spot for locals. That’s when you know you picked a good one!

Last but not least -- You weren't really in Philadelphia unless you went to Pat's and Geno's for a Cheesesteak-Off!


The Bad: Spa Day(s) From Hell

We almost left this part out of the blog post, but it’s best to lay it all out.

We found what we thought was a beautiful spa in Rittenhouse Square, a prestigious area of Philadelphia known for the shopping and restaurant scene. What we walked into was a scene that took us about 3 1/2 minutes to get out of. Le Reve Rittenhouse Spa was a complete scam. In early February, we booked our appointments at what we thought was The Rittenhouse Spa. Once inside, we realized we had been had. The elevator doors opened, and it went downhill from there. Check-in was sketchy, the atmosphere wasn't what we expected and the straw that broke the camel's back was when they told us that the two of the ladies would be sharing a room. EXCUSE ME! No, Nope, Not Happening! Exit, stage right!

Would the REAL Rittenhouse Spa please stand up?

We called, we tried, we failed. The real Rittenhouse Spa was completely booked, and yes, they get this phone call ALL OF THE TIME! So, Le Reve, we have your number, and hopefully anyone looking to book an appointment will lose it!

Unfortunately, it doesn't end there. The next day, two of us were staying later than the rest because of our flight times. We thought we were so lucky because last minute, we booked the spa of spas at a famous luxury hotel chain! We arrive, it's beautiful. JACKPOT! But to our surprise while changing in the locker room we were greeted by a COCKROACH. Needless to say, we bailed!

Exit, stage left! Us + Philly spas = not meant to be!

The Ugly: The (uneven) Streets of Philadelphia

After the last spa experience, we (Jeannine and Randi) decided it was time to get out of Philly. We decided rather than wait for our flight we'd rent a car and go.

I search for the nearest rental car location, and we start walking. We turned a corner and I didn't see the uneven pavement, but it sure did see me. THUMP! I hit that curb and landed face first on the [dirty] pavement. Fortunately, I was fine, minus my pride (and brushed burned hands and knees).

That sealed the deal, let's get this car and get home! We then find out that this Hertz rents to private aircraft customers only. SAY WHAT? You have a lime green Kia Soul as an available rental and I'm willing to pay you for it but nope!

We gave up and headed back to the hotel for a nap (thank goodness for late checkout), and waited for our flight back to the 'Burgh.

We laughed. We cried. We celebrated.

Birthdays. Friendships. Life.

Enjoy some fun photos of the weekend, in no particular order. Next trip? Somewhere relaxing!!


J & J

Special thanks to TripAdvisor,, The Dandelion, Ocean Prime, Giuseppe & Sons, Double Knot, Bluestone Lane for use of photos

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