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How does your Garden Grow?

This spring Lilah asked if she could start her own garden. As someone who is not known for her green thumb I was a little nervous but I'm so glad we tried.

Here's our simple guide to starting your own at home garden.

1. Find a spot

We chose to put our garden in a spot we frequented at the end of the driveway it is. I knew we needed it to be in a place where we wouldn't forget to water it and got good sun for most of the day.

2. Select your containers

We chose two raised planters that would drain easily. We didn't want to make a huge investment in case this phase didn't last so I found two reasonably priced boxes on Amazon. I also ordered labels as well. {click on the photos below to be taken to the retailer's link}

I also found fencing to put up around the sides of the garden as well to protect it from the deer and other hunger animals that might be sniffing around for a snack.

3. Pick your plants

What vegetables, fruits and herbs does your family enjoy over the summer? We ran down our list of favorites and that's how we picked our plants. Obviously, some plants grew better in certain regions than others but usually you can depend on what's at your local garden shop to know what will work out where you live.

We selected carrots, beets, beans, eggplants, various peppers, strawberries and blueberries for our garden this year. We bought seedlings as well as seeds and everything is starting to sprout! Some of our plants we purchased at the local Home Depot but I also ordered some of our plants and seeds from Burpee.

4. Be patient

This is the hardest part! With a little time and attention you'll be sure to have a little harvest of your own by the end of the summer!

It's not too late! Whether it's a few herbs or a giant greenhouse full of plants, get started on your summer garden today.

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